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Next Generation


Coreflex -  A unique smart adjustable mattress made from green soy memory foam material. which gives a comfortable sleep experience to the user, Identifies sleep habits & disorders and sends them directly to the doctor for further treatment. Coreflex has integrated certificated sensors and algorithm with Mobile app monitor. That can identify:

-Movement Activity monitor

-Sleep Quality Management

-Sleep Report & Analysis

-Sleep Plan 

-Real time Breathing Monitoring 

-Heart Rate monitoring 

-Blood Pressure Monitoring 

-ECG Monitoring 

-SpO2 Monitoring 

-Weight and BMI Index 

-Identifies 15 mins before an infant wets the bed and alerts the parents. 

-Integrated 40" Display

-24/7 Real time monitoring from the integrated display

-24/7 Doctor and Nurse Over the air Checkup 

-40" Multimedia display for watch TV, Movies & Music 

-Gaming, Camera for Voice & Video Chats 

-Connectivity: Wi-Fi, BLE, LTE, GNSS Location, 24/7 

Coreflex is operated with an integrated battery or connection to the Mains. 

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